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Our Story

Archangel interior4.JPG

The story of  Archangel Studio began in 2002. Michelle had previously been selling her artwork primarily through exhibitions up until this point, but decided the time was right to lease a vacant gallery space in a converted Georgian Stable block known as the Ferrers centre. Set in the beautiful Staunton Harold estate deep in the NW Leicestershire countryside, the gallery seemed to be the perfect place. Her aim was to create a peaceful space to exhibit contemplative artworks exploring natural themes, stories and ideas.

The gallery name is inspired by the novel ‘Miss Garnet's Angel’ by Salley Vickers. In the novel Miss Garnet travels to Venice and finds space and time to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings, a theme that continues to resonate with Michelle to this day. The Archangel Raphael accompanies Miss Garnet on her personal journey of discovery. 

After nearly twenty years the importance of being rooted and connected and kind to the environment is more important than ever.


We hope to exhibit and share thoughtful, imaginative art works which reflect the natural world and have a sense of the rhythms of life in the countryside. Works currently exhibited include, embroidered textiles, needle felt, paintings and fine quality Giclée prints together with kits, greetings cards and calendars.

The idea of displaying artworks made with as little impact to the environment as possible is very important to us. Many of the works have been created out of repurposed materials. We aim to use sustainably sourced and recycled materials wherever possible.

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