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The Moon has become a recurrent theme in Michelle's work. With her studio located deep in the rural countryside, Michelle is able to observe the moon free from the blight of light pollution. Most special is when the moon is at its ‘Perigee’ - the nearest point it reaches to the earth in its elliptical orbit - a breathtaking globe of silver light transforming the view of the familiar landscape.

Michelle explores the cyanotype process to create the backgrounds for these pieces. Cyanotype is a printing technique where the fabric is given a special coating and then exposed to ultraviolet daylight, creating shadows and markings from items or shapes placed upon it. Each result is unique and rather unpredictable! Other moons have hand dyed backgrounds to explore the rich dark skies. Vintage muted fabrics are applied to the surface to create the form of each moon. Intricate surface patterns are then created using a mixture of free machine and hand stitching.

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